Whinny Warmers ® and SILVER Whinnys ™

The Horsewear House is the sole NZ supplier for sox for horses. The sox can be worn in the paddock or in the box.

We are delighted to be able to offer the NZ horse scene access to these products. Available from the large Warmblood size to miniature and available in winter weight or the lighter summer weight .

The winter Whinny Warmers come in sets of 2 for the larger sizes and hock/knee extensions are available to purchase with these. Whinney Warmers for ponies and miniatures come in sets of 4.

All Silver Whinnys come in sets of four.

Silver Whinnys® information sheet
Download: Four stages of healing & best use of Silver Whinnys®
Download: About compression and Silver Whinnys®
Download: Keeping the Silver Whinnys® in place and protected

These sox will stay up for many hours on most horses but we recommend that you check your horses twice a day whilst wearing them. It may take your horse a few goes before they get used to wearing the socks but its worth the extra time taken to get them used to them. Most horses will accept them within a few days.

The Silver Whinnys ™ provide a breathing and antimicrobial barrier to flies and dirt as well as protection from the sun on those sensitive white legs. Like the Whinny Warmers they fit and move with the motion of the leg which seems strange to a horse and can take a little while for the horse to accept.

The Silver Whinnys ™ have antimicrobial/anti-fungal properties spun into the yarn and if they get damp don’t worry as moisture enhances these properties.

The Winter Warmers are great for horses who suffer from arthritis or a similar condition of the legs to add extra warmth during those cold winter months.

All socks are completely washable and is recommended if your socks get slack on the leg you wash them in a mild detergent to get the “spring” back into them.

NEw! New! New!

Whinny Wellies™ by Sox For Horses®

Whinny Wellies™ by Sox For Horses®, Inc were created to protect bandages, wraps, Silver Whinnys® and Whinny Warmers® from rain, snow and mud.

Whinny Wellies are made of a three-part system of densely woven outerwear fabric, micro-porous polyurethane coating and a DWR (durable water repellent) windproof, and breathable fabric system that produces durable, performance fabric. They are easy to maintain. Hose them then and hang them to dry.

You will maintain the waterproof quality of the fabric a lot longer if you practice this “less is better” technique to clean them.

Price List




Mini Winter (set of 4)

$80.00 WWSW-MW
Pony Winter (set of 4)

$125.00 WWSW-PW
Horse/Pony – Summer (set of 4)

$115.00 WWSW-HPS
Horse – Winter (set of 2, front or rear)

$72.00 WWSW-HWF (front)
WWSW-HWR (rear)

Horse – knee/hock extensions
(Note these can only be purchased with full socks)

$40.00 WWSW-KHE
Whinny Wellies - Pony (set of two)

$230.00 WWSW-PWW
Whinny Wellies - Small Hack (set of two)

$230.00 WWSW-SHWW
Whinny Wellies - Large Hack (set of two) $230.00 WWSW-LHWW