Sleek ez ™

The SleekEZ grooming tools are an all year round product. The effectively remove loose hair, dirt and dander leaving your animals with a silky coat when followed up with a soft brush and cloth for the perfect shine.

The blades are a unique tooth pattern exclusive to SleekEZ. They gently drag the dead loose hair out of the coat leaving behind the new healthy hair.

Cats can be a little bit unsure but most will learn to love their grooming sessions.

SleekEZ is available in three sizes 10”, 5” and 2.5” – suitable on horses, cats and dogs in fact all animals that shed!

SleekEZ Gallery
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10" size

Code: SLKEZ10
Price: $30.00
5" size

Code: SLKEZ05
Price: $26.00
2.5" size

Code: SLKEZ02
Price: $20.00