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Bees Wax heavy duty water repellent and protectant wax is made from the highest quality beeswax and blend of waxes. A great option for heavy duty waterproofing projects like outdoor equipment, float and tent awnings, tent seams, jackets or pants, bike wear, back packs, hats, synthetic and canvas horse covers, horse saddle blankets, trekking boots, jeans, canvas shoes, fishing & hunting gear, rucksacks, tents and hiking boots. Any surface that requires a heavy duty water-proofing surface. Easy to use. Can be used in hard to reach seams and stitching. For horse covers, does both synthetic and canvas. Wax needs to be heated and cured into fabric for high quality results.

You can also just use one bar and waterproof the top seams and all the stitching (to protect stitching) where the water really hits in a heavy rain downpour, if you want more breathability in heavier horse covers.

NOTE: Please do not use these bars if you are allergic to bees. ​

Price: $14.95

ULtimate Float Boots

Code: TFBM
Price: $45.00
Colour: Lucky dip!

Constructed from a breathable acrylic woven fabric outer that is machine washable as well as tear and water resistant with quilted insulation and show coat lining. Great for protection of those precious legs when floating or stabling. Set of four.

Crescendo Boots

Code: CRES-BP (paddock) CRES-BS (stable)
Price: $25.00 (paddock) $35.00 (stable)
Colour: Great range of colours available. Contact us for details.

We love supporting local made products and these Crescendo Boots are just fantastic. Lovely double thickness and padded make them idea as a work boot or stabling boot. Beautifully made. Mini sizes only. We can also get these with a vinyl outer.

Mini Throat Sweat
Low stock item

Code: TTSM
Colour: Black

SizING / price

Need to trim a little off your horse's throatlatch or neck. Try these black neoprene sweats with polarfleece lining and hook & loop


Code: MFBS
Price: $140.00
Colour: Black


Made of neoprene with velcro closure or easy adjustment.. Great for daily workouts and overall conditioning

Mini Lycra Hood

Code: MLHM
Price: $35.00
Colour: Lucky dip!


Lycra hood with adjustable belly band to keep manes clean and nicely flat before the show.

Hay Bag

Code: MHYM
Price: $23.00
Colour: Lucky dip!

Perfect mini sized hay bag for at the float or in the stable. Made from tough 900 denier ripstop.

Mini Hay Net

Code: MHHN
Price: $10.00
Colour: Lucky dip!

Small hay nets ideal for miniatures with small holes.

Halter Bag

Code: MHBM
Price: $42.00
Colour: Lucky dip!

Protect your valuable halters. 900 denier outer, fleece lined. Long zipper for easy access and handles to carry or hang up. Small extra zip pocket on front for chains etc. Four separate velcro straps inside.

Minicraft Muzzle

Code: MMM
Price: $20.00
Colour: Lucky dip!


Constructed from a mesh that is resistant to tearing and catching. Will stop your horse eating its bedding but allows it to drink. Easy size adjustment with velcro headstrap.

Mini RUBBER Grazing Muzzle
Low stock item

Price: $70.00
Colour: Black
Size: One size

A heavy duty rubber muzzle with webbing straps. A small hole in the base allows your horse to pick small amounts of grass.

Ideal for weight management. A great alternative to having to lock your horse off grass altogether.

Mini Nylon Grazing Muzzle

Price: $40.00
Colour: Black only
Size: Medium and Large

Made of netting and nylon webbing. Basket is connected to the full halter. Very adjustable. These differ from the other muzzles in that they have a full halter so great for those horses that love to get their muzzles off. Hole in the bottom to allow drinking.

Mini Webbing Halter

Code: MWHM
Price: $20.00
Colour: Lucky dip!


Excellent quality mini headstalls in four sizes to suit a new foal to a large mini or small pony. Easy to use fixtures. New stunning colours.

Mini Webbing HalteR - Closed noseband

Price: $20.00
Colour: Lucky dip!


MINI Feed Buckets and Hay Nets

Code: MFB (Feed Buckets) / MHN (Hay Nets)
Price: $60.00 (Feed Buckets) / $32.00 (Hay Nets)

These are made from strong vinyl and available in a variety of colours. The collapsible feed buckets are great for travelling and using at shows. They are designed a standard size bucket to fit in them for water and can be used with or without for feeding. The hay bags are a great size for minis and are also available in a variety of colours.


Code: STT
Price: $16.95

Safe-T-Tie is a revolutionary way to safely tie your horse anytime, anywhere, even when you are not right there with him. Portable and reusable, Safe-T-Tie is a horse safety release we believe no horse owner should be without.

When you tie up a horse with Safe-T-Tie, you still need to find a solid post, wall, partition, or other object that is firmly anchored, which will not break away before the horse safety release does. With horse tie knots, you must constantly watch the horse to ensure he does not panic and injure himself; with Safe-T-Tie, the object is for the tie to give way under a certain amount of pressure.

Equipped with five simple loop settings, Safe-T-Tie is strong and sturdy.

Sleazy Sleepwear Mini Stretch Hoods

Price: $45.00


“Seamless Face” design eliminates any seams below the eyes for maximum safety. Large eye and ear holes. Wide adjustable Noseband.

Sleazy Sleepwear Mini Shoulder Guard

Price: $35.00


Great for protecting the shoulders against cover rub and providing additional warmth for the shoulders.

Sleazy Sleepwear Full Body

Price: $65.00


Provides head to tail coverage for that “all over” shine. Adjustable rear leg straps with snap hook closures. Durable and provide added warmth. Body portion reinforced along the back to prevent over stretching.

Sleazy Sleepwear Stretch Sheet

Price: $50.00


Can be used by itself or with a hood. Reinforced along the back to prevent over stretching. Durable and provides added warmth.

Lead Ropes

Code: HWLR
Price: $16.00
Colour: Purple, Burgundy, Green or Black

Imported from the States – these lead ropes are 8’ long and very soft – have mini sized clips.

Harness Bags

Code: SHB
Price: $150.00
COLOR: Black with Tan trim

New to the Horsewear House Ltd – direct from the states – harness or show halter bag. This is a beautifully made harness and/or halter bag. Quilted nylon will protect your expensive harness or show halters. This structured bag has 4 buckle straps to separate your tack. Two hooks allow you to hang this bag anywhere. Side vents helps your tack breath and dry. Two ended zipper allows you access from either side and/or top.

Halter / Bridle Bags

Code: HBB
Price: $120.00
COLOR: Blue, Burgundy or Black.

This bag has five separate areas for bridles or your harness. Fleecy lined and a two ended zipper. Not just for the minis this one - protect those valuable bridles and harness.

Grooming Tote Bags

Code: GTB
Price: $110.00

Awesome grooming bag that can hold all of your grooming accessories. Three outside pockets and two mesh bottle pockets. Inside there is seven separate sections plus a ring for a small towel. Large open area under the sections. Hangs from two solid hooks – 30” x 16” with a 4” gusset.

Fly Mask with Nose

Code: FMWN
Price: $25.00


Introducing the amazing Halter-All. This is a quick and easy to use halter. Great for when you need a halter in a hurry or for leading from stable to paddock.

Code: HAMH
Price: $24.50
COLOUR:Blue, Green, Red, Purple and Black.