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Miniature Horse Conformation: What to Look For & What to Avoid
by Kay Baxter

Price: $49.95

This book covers almost all aspects of conformation in the miniature horse, with many photographs and examples. There are eight (8) chapters with descriptions and photos covering: Basics, Body, Dwarfism, Feet, Head, Hips, Legs, and Neck. A glossary and photo index, as well as full index complete this reference book. There are 72 pages, 51 photos, PLUS a full color DVD slideshow of all of the book's photos. The DVD can be played on your computer or TV.

140 x 215mm
Soft cover book

Horse Color Explained: A Breeder's Perspective

by Jeanette Gower

180 x 240mm
Soft cover book

Price: $42.95


Why do horses end up the colors they do? The answer to this question lies in genetics, but often horse breeders don't explore the probabilities of coat color and markings before breeding because the science of genetics sounds too complicated. Now this handy guide explains the principles of color inheritance simply and practically so all breeders can make informed decisions. With 144 pages and 184 color photographs / explanatory diagrams / charts supported by a detailed summary of information in the appendix, glossary, and index, Horse Color Explained is sure to be referred to again and again. Jeanette Gower is an authority on color genetics with over 25 years of practical experience, a respected judge, and an equine studies lecturer.

Miniature Horses, A Veterinary Guide for Breeders & Owners
by Rebecca Frankeny, VMD

190 x 245mm
Soft cover book

Price: $49.95


An essential manual for owners, breeders, and veterinarians of Miniature horses. Through years of selective breeding, Miniature horses have developed into true scaled-down versions of full-sized horses. However, despite the similarity in appearance to their larger relatives, with respect to veterinary care, Miniature horses cannot be viewed simply as smaller patients. The rate of occurrence, diagnosis, and treatment of many diseases are affected by their size and unique physiological and metabolic demands. The error of treating Miniatures in the same manner as their full-sized counterparts often has undesirable consequences. Unfortunately, this misconception regarding the medical treatment of Miniatures is not limited to owners and breeders; some veterinarians unfamiliar with the breed often make the same mistake. This book provides all the information needed to safely and appropriately treat Miniatures. All the systems of the horse are covered with special attention given to Miniature-specific problems and concerns such as hoof diseases abnormalities of growth liver dysfunction dental irregularities dwarfism reproduction nutrition. The 163 page manual is made complete with appendices offering normal physical parameters, clinical signs of disease, and resources for Miniature horse owners. It is illustrated throughout with color photos and diagrams.

Training Miniature Performance Horses
by Jennifer Alisia Garrett

140 x 215mm
Soft cover book

Price: $47.50

A Comprehensive Guide to Hunter, Jumper, and Halter Obstacle.

This great book will help owners train their horses and correct common mistakes An innovative how-to book with lots of sound instruction and observation From beginning to end, you’ll find photographs, illustrations, and the information you need: proper equipment, reward systems; halter obstacle training techniques including setting up the halter stance; basic and advanced obstacles, plus trailer loading; teaching the horse to jump, beginning and advanced jumps, and choosing a gait; hunter training and decorated jumps; valuable insight into competition in all three disciplines A glossary, full index, and references complete the book

Train Your Own Mini (Revised Edition)
by Cynthia Tunstall

155 x 235mm
Soft cover book

Price: $54.95

An easy-to-understand guide for any owner who wants to do it them self

Covers: basic training techniques including teaching a mini stand and show in halter classes, exercise and conditioning techniques, choosing appropriate tack, preparing and teaching a mini to drive (both pleasure and harness racing); loading and unloading a horse trailer, as well as excellent information on conformation and choosing a miniature horse to own

How to clip a miniature horsE DVD

With Brooke Sheridan, The Clipper Girl

Price: $40 - Free postage within NZ

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